KARLEO’s summer-resort 2014 collection reflects contrast-cohesively blending elements borrowed from classic, vintage glamour and contemporary, edgy style. Drawing inspiration from Indian spices in form, colour and texture, the modern outfits even reflect interpretations of traditional craftsmanship techniques, including those seen in jewellery-making. Hand-painted patterns are offset against colours of spices such as bay leaf and mustard, while jewelled detailing, through gemstone-inspired beading and the use of materials such as crystals, adds richness to lean and elegant silhouettes. Primarily comprising gowns and dresses, with a few trousers and pants in the line-up, the collection features symmetric cuts and flowing fabrics like georgette and crepe de chine.


Astrology – The study of the movements and relative positions of celestial objects interpreted as having an influence on human affairs and the natural world.

And the influence of the celestial objects has indeed been heavy on the garb of the season for KARLEO. Their autumn/winter 2014 collection draws wide, but distinct inspiration from various aspects of Indian astrology. From the sun-signs and what they represent, to the birthstones that represent the sign-signs themselves, the inspiration defines the collection’s colours, textures and patterns, interpreted with individuality in distinguished silhouettes.

Bringing about depth in the colour palette of the collection are the visual perceptions of the 12 birthstones. The facets, iridescence, undertones and layers are realised through deep hues and rich detailing such as the antiquing and distressing of sequins. Outfits in lighter hues offer relief from the intensity. The colours and patterns are also inspired by starbursts, and dense overlays of astronomical chaos. With beaded eyewear as accessories, the outfits in georgette, tulle and crepe de chine, include asymmetrical dresses, a baggy sweatshirt, a high-low skirt, a fitting pantsuit, and a flowing kaftan.


Karleo Bridal 2016 celebrates today’s growing norm-interfaith weddings-adding colour to the pristine palette of bridal white, ivory and eggshell. The bridal gowns have an infusion of different cultures, with other faiths represented through accents of colours other than white. Seen in the creations will be a touch of vermillion, a sparkling of emerald, a splash of champagne, or a sprinkling of jet black. The bridal gowns have another common thread-the abstract and subtle presence of birds as motifs. Additionally, each bridal outfit has a name that inspires its qualities and detailing, which would beautifully complement the personalities of brides wearing them.