• Chapter 1

    The design philosophy is that we really like the play of opposites, or elements of contrast. That’s something that drives us to create something new. We don’t follow trends or the regular definitions of beauty. But basically, we can take inspiration from something that is very ordinary and lend it definition in our own way. This is something that we constantly do. We like to fuse…absolute contrasts and then create a very feminine piece out of that. So it could be right from drawing inspiration from a man’s shirt or a man’s pleated trousers, but incorporating into it a very feminine aesthetic, and creating those kinds of pieces out of special fabrics, texturised fabrics. So it’s contrasting all possible forms and ways. That’s what our design philosophy is. We don’t follow the normal trends per se. Moreover, rather than following a trend blindly, we like to keep the wearer’s identity in mind.

    Design Philosophy